2019. április 7., vasárnap

If you followed my actual drawings thanks!

This is the last. Atlantis IV,it's a closing story to deep world from the soul. Angels comes between to our world. Thank you if followed my drawing works!

2019. február 23., szombat

Nothing edit,under the time,demos fixed:

This recordings to the early summer slipped. My life is burned out,and i lost in the lies. Therefore nothing money in previous season. The next recording time is coming soon with the special guests. I found in two peoples,who is great musician. And his likes traditions
1. Time is Not My Home 03:36 (June 9)
2. Cell Of Lie
3. One Day,if My Death Come 04:10 (June 9)
4. Talking Landscape 06:20 (June 9)
5. ...For Our Gods (with Nostradaemus centuries)
6. The Light
7. We Want Your Soul

2019. január 13., vasárnap


...For the missing Peoples...

The Moon (Queen of the Night -Redemption Blue Moon- Sacrifice - Curse of Red Moon)

Soul Pyramid

Lonely Ice Flower

Rabbit Cross:

2018. december 26., szerda

Last post of year.:

I'm done with challenges for more new jobs. My energies is full,that the next months i working for my new life. 4 demo is okay,i'll starting in the next year's early months to the studio,correctly 2-3 event (if the practice is good.) As i know i peaceful and at the restful times are better for this album's sound. (...For Our Gods - Record. Day 01 - In Cave, Time is Not my Home, One Day,if My Death Comes, Are You Go?//Record Day 02 - Burning Light, Shaman vs Witch, For Our Gods) And i still practice for my 'book' or novel writings,that if comes new idea/sides it's strong,no coming shit (but it's so longer time).
In the next year coming 3 post from 4-5 month. This is the last post in 2018.
Happy new Years !